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Anchorpile is a South Australian business with over 15 years of operation. The key segments we work in are:

  • Pools
  • Retaining walls, landscaping
  • Ground mounted Solar farms
  • Residential housing
  • Multi dwellings
  • Age care units


Our services include: 

  • Design and installation of fixed price foundations for new dwellings, home additions and extensions.
  • Certified and fully engineered Anchorpile foundations.
  • Anchorslab void former system combined with Anchorpile foundations, especially relevant for reactive soils and problem sites.



Control Your Time & Money


Anchorpile has established a reputation as a company that specialises in undertaking foundation and footings where soils and site conditions are problematic.

We have a cost effective solution to give you greater control of your site if you have: 

  • Reactive clay soils;
  • Sand site;
  • Deep fill sites;
  • Collapsing soils/trenches;
  • Contaminated soil
  • Sloping, unstable site;
  • Abnormal soil conditions
  • Exisiting water table;
  • Site with significant trees that must be protected and retained; 
  • Building adjacent to heritage buildings or close to another building where minimal disturbance or vibration is required;
  • Small site - minimal or no spoil removal;



Anchorpile - Screw Piles 

more SITE control with screw piles/piers

Our screw piles ensure your foundations are supplied & installed to the correct depth to meet engineers specifications. All work is fully engineered & certified in accordance with AS2159 – Piling- Design and installation. Together with a comprehensive soil test and your engineer's design we can provide a fixed price for your foundations.

Some key benefits of Anchorpile:

  • Various piles sizes (80kN to 500kN) SWL; 
  • No extra costs incurred after heavy rain periods unlike traditional methods;
  • Certified pile installation, no engineer inspection required;
  • No soil to remove, saving more time and money;
  • Rapid response to site with systemised off the self screw pile;

One Anchorslab completed + 2nd slab started with void former


have you had blowouts due to weather?

The Anchorslab system is supported by our screw piles and together with void formers makes it a cost effective, speedy slab installation.

With Anchorslab you can:

  • Build on top of the ground not in it;
  • Control costs due to weather;
  • Let the void manage the soil reactivity;
  • Gain the thermal benefits of the enclosed void;
  • Maximise time savings with Anchorpile foundations;



Field & Lab Soil Testing

A range of Geotechnical reports & assessments

Knowing the soil you build on is paramount. It assists your engineer to design the right foundation solution for your project. Together with a comprehensive soil test and your engineer's design we can provide a fixed price for your foundations. In conjunction with field testing we provide lab tests from our NATA accredited laboratory. 

Examples of some key reports:

  • Ground Water monitoring
  • Shrink/swell lab test
  • Atterberg lab test
  • Lot Classification
  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Salinity assessment
  • Acid Sulphate assessment

Tree Affected Sites

Protecting and retaining trees onsite

Anchorpile is pleased to have an association with The Adelaide Tree Surgery, that has a keen focus in assisting builders, developers and their clients with significant trees on building sites. The team at 'The Adelaide Tree Surgery' is led by Mark Elliott and David Norton, who have been providing professional and high quality tree management services to both private and corporate clients in Adelaide and South Australia since 2002. They can also assist developers, builders and their clients to comply with the Australian Standard AS 4970-2009: Protection of trees on development sites.




A Complete Solution

Anchorpile provides a unique solution for builders by combining geotechnical testing, Screw pile design, installation and the whole slab solution of Anchorslab. Together with our associates we offer a complete solution that gives you more control of
your time, your money and your site!


Arrange a quote for your project

  1. To arrange a quote please provide or we can assist with the following:
  2. The geotechnical report for your site;  
  3. Structural engineering plans;
  4. A full set of architectural drawings; 

Contact Peter Harrison on 0447 721 655 | or complete the form below.

Partnerships and collaboration

Anchorpile is delighted to have a working relationship with one of South Australia’s most highly regarded and experienced geotechnical engineers, Dr Peter Mitchell, who provides his SLOG software for engineers. SLOG enables engineers to easily and effectively undertake calculations associated with the preparation of technical drawings for foundation and footings in accordance with the specific soil reports and site conditions of each building site. Dr Mitchell SLOG software can be found at

Your Local Foundation Specialists

We're local and understand the unique soil conditions in and surrounding areas of Adelaide. 


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